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Food/30th March 2012/2 Comments

This post is a must. It’s my birthday after all. ;) So sorry I don’t have pics to show you what had become of my day. It wasn’t that exciting. I spent the rest of the afternoon with my hands on a basin of ice cold water. ;( This was after I made the dynamite cheese sticks. Huhu…. I followed the recipe I got from Kitchen Cow.

I sort of… well, forgotten the part where you got to wear gloves. ;| I was almost through with twenty to thirty chilis when the burning pain became unbearable. Huhuhu. I did all things possible to take away the pain. I did the aloe vera thingie, the burn ointment, smearing my hands with toothpaste. Nothing worked except immersing my hands in a basin of super ice cold water which numbed the pain. I was like this for a couple of hours. This included dinner time. Haha… While I was typing this post, there’s still little pain which can be relieved with the cold blast from the aircon.

Wahaha… Happy 26th Birthday to me! ♥


  • Reply Anna 31st March 2012 at 6:42 AM

    Happy, happy, happy 26th birthday to you :) This recipe is simply mouthwatering! I’m pinning that right away. I’m saving up recipes like these until I get my own kitchen.

    • Reply arveerella 2nd April 2012 at 9:42 PM

      Thank you so much Anna for the greeting! This recipe will be great for gatherings! ♥

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