Merek Davis’ Mextures

It’s nearly midnight and I’m still updating my blog and Flickr account. *sigh* A word of advice. If you have decided to start over again with your blog, be sure of your decision and put all earlier posts into private instead of deleting everything. And don’t delete your Flickr photos! Been working at these for a few days, and it’s such hard work. ;(

Anyway, just wanted to share with you some photos I’ve taken with my phone’s native camera. The photos were edited with VSCOcam, and Merek Davis’ mextures were applied in Photoforge2. ♥ The mextures gives your photos a filmy look. And what’s great is that it’s free! Yup! But you’ve got to find a photo editing app that can do layers. That’s where the Photoforge2 comes in! ♥ Watch this video to see how you can use the mextures with Photoforge2.

Mextures Tutorial | Photoforge from Taylor Allen on Vimeo.

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    Well what a pleasant surprise! Your work is absolutely fantastic. Gorgeous flora photos! Thanks again for linking the video and for such kind words about mextures. Love the blog. :)

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