One of my lows

This week has become one of my lows. I’ve worked in the same unit for almost three years now. I usually know how to get along with people, but there are those that are really trying my patience and kindness. They make me feel like I don’t have worth at all. I’m a quiet person, easy to please, hates conflicts. I just want to cry, let it all out. ;(

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    I am so sorry you had such a horrible week. You don’t deserve that. I hope you were able to cry it out. Just do it, it helps sometimes. And know that you are appreciated, even though it doesn’t feel that way sometimes.


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    Oh I so hope you feel better. Think the best of others and do something to get your mind off the things that are wearing you down. Sensitive people like us get the brunt of it, but that makes you stronger to help another sensitive person when they are feeling like you are now. You’re in my prayers:)


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    I don’t know what to say, Arvee. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. You are most definitely an amazing person, don’t let this get to you too much. If you feel like crying, you should. I hate crying but after I do I instantly feel better, a lot of the pain gets washed out of the body through tears. I really hope things get better. Sending some love your way.

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    I totally understand how it is to bee in your shoes. Especially now that I’ve started my job as a sales consultant. I just have to remind myself that I can’t let people get the joy of bringing me down… Do you know what I mean?

    I’m sending you my warmest thoughts!

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