I’m crazy over these flower trees lately. They’re called kalachuchi in our local dialect and they’re fairly common in the Philippines. I love its crooked branches, and I also love those times where you can see no leaves except for the flowers. :) These photos were taken just outside the Sto. NiÑo Parish of Arevalo. This kalachuchi tree has the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen so far. :)

Kalachuchi  ▲Kalachuchi  ▲
Kalachuchi  ▲Kalachuchi  ▲Kalachuchi  ▲

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    i learned to love the kalachuchi trees and flowers also when i was in UP. the branches are very organic. one of the things i also look forward to is summer since fire trees will be in bloom

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    So pink and spring-like. I love the signs of spring when the view is filled with an over-abundance of flowers and their sweet smell carries throughout the day (we currently have orange blossoms and night blooming Jasmine here in California).

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