One month.

02 2, 2013

No matter how much faith we have in a relationship, we lose someone. It’s been a little more than a month since we parted ways. I promise not to dwell on whatever happened the past few years. We’re back to being strangers, and the best that we can do is move on, meet someone new, and live life with no regrets. Everything happens for a reason. ▲

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  1. antonella says:

    Hope a flattering happy feeling will soon visit your heart!

  2. eric says:

    I’m sorry, friend. I know this all to well myself. Thank you for not holding back & expressing yourself. It helped me know that on a sat night, when I am home alone, while HE’s out there having the time of his life…. that I am understood. I felt that when I read this entry. I thought you should know.

  3. Ricardo Angelo says:

    I’m missing you… but if we are to meet ways again, I’ll be the man that you’ll be very proud off… hope We’ll see each other in the crossroad as early than soon

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