The Miagao Church

I’ve always wished to have a wide lens for those wide angle shots and a friend, who also dabble in this film hobby, told me she and her husband (an architect) use the Superheadz UWS for their architectural shots. I was excited since we had a planned roadtrip to Miagao that weekend with my boyfriend Remon and his cousin Vip. I already have a Superheadz UWS (a pink one at that) and lots of expired rolls of film I bought from an online store based in Manila, I thought it was a good opportunity to try the cam and it’s built-in plastic 22mm lens.

The Miagao Church, or the Church of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva, is considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was built in 1786 during the Spanish era in the Philippines. It’s a huge structure and a 50mm lens would not bring justice to it’s grandiose beauty. The first few photos were taken by the Superheadz UWS.

Superheadz UWS + Expired Kodak Max 400Superheadz UWS + Expired Kodak Max 400Superheadz UWS + Expired Kodak Max 400Superheadz UWS + Expired Kodak Max 400
Canon AE-1 + Solid Gold 200Canon AE-1 + Solid Gold 200 The details in the facade portrays St. Christopher (with the Holy Child on his back) holding onto the coconut tree amidst the papaya and guava trees.

Miagao Church, IloiloMiagao Church, Iloilo

Miagao Church, IloiloMiagao Church, Iloilo
The church was closed when we went there since it was a Monday. We spent a few minutes more taking photos and we’re off to UP for lunch.

Superheadz UWS + Expired Kodak Max 400
Canon AE-1 + Solid Gold 200
Note: Photo credit goes to Remon for the last four photos // Canon 550D.

The Diana camera

Yesterday, a friend had me borrow his Diana cam before he left for Manila. I got all excited and spent an hour last night figuring the camera out. All I can say is it’s not your typical film camera. It uses 120 film which I can rarely find in my city unless I look for it online. It feels like a toy in my hands compared to my heavy tanker camera, the AE-1. My first reaction was, “Where’s the shutter button?” Haha. There was a time a few years ago that I was thinking of buying a Diana camera, but now, I’m not so sure. I have three films that came with the camera, so I’ll use those and let’s just see what photos I’ll come up with.

The famous Diana camera.