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Film/25th December 2013/5 Comments

Last week, I finally sent my 5 film rolls to Digiprint in ParaƱaque for their film to CD services. LBC shipping fee from the Visayas was P165 + Digiprint fee of P400 for the 5 rolls (max). If I must have my film processed in Iloilo, it would cost me P200 for each roll alone. That would be 1k for the 5 rolls. Very expensive for someone who’s still a beginner in film photography. Anyway, two of the rolls were trash. That’s probably my fault. Two Kodak Max 400 were given to me months ago. I know they’re expired but I took the risk anyway and used them. Nothing came out good of the expired rolls despite what they say online that expired films do wonders. Haha. That’s if they were stored properly.

Those rolls that were given to me were probably just seen lying around. Pictures from the rolls came out underexposed and quite grainy despite having used the expired films on a sunny day at the beach.

Canon AE-1 50mm 1.4 + Expired Kodak Max 400

For the fresh Fujicolor 100, the photos came out good except for the left part of the photos. I don’t know the exact cause of this but could it be a developer problem?

Canon AE-1 50mm 1.4 + Fujicolor 100

I say it’s a developer problem because the same thing happened to a fresh film using a different camera. The photos were originally upside down and the black/underdeveloped parts were also on the left part.

Superheadz UWS + Kodacolor 200

Can someone tell me what’s the exact cause of the black part of the photos? :)